6 Weeks in Europe: Recap

6 weeks in Europe

This trip, just like all has been life changing and eye opening in ways I never thought possible. I was traveling on my own this time, but visited and stayed with friends along the way. That's pretty much the only way I was able to afford this trip (though my credit card balance may tell a different story). But what exactly did I get up to?

Visited a friend in Copenhagen ▶︎ Took a bus to Berlin ▶︎ Friend in Munich ▶︎ A few days in Florence ▶︎ Stayed with a friend working in the Tuscan countryside of Italy ▶︎ Weekend trip to Cinque Terra with him ▶︎ Flew to Barcelona ▶︎ Met some great people and never wanted to leave ▶︎  Flew to Lagos, Portugal ▶︎ Again, almost didn't leave ▶︎ Met up with friends studying in Valencia ▶︎ Weekend in Ibiza ▶︎ Granada, Spain ▶︎ Back to Copenhagen ▶︎ back home.

And I'm not going to lie. It feels really nice to be back home with the family. I'm still trying to fight off the sick I got after Ibiza, and I'm really not sure how much longer I could handle hostel hopping and airplanes with all the sick. No really... I died on Ibiza. My body is still there. This is just shell of Erin. But more on that later!

Cinque Terra

After a month and a half of European summer adventure, I thought I'd share 10 things I learned along the way.

1. I am shit at blogging and social media while I travel.

2. My immune system needs a reality check.

3. I am hopeless with public transportation.

4. Street art in Berlin is the shiz.

5. You can go surfing in Munich?!

6. Don't go to Cinque Terra and drink two bottles of wine and scale a coastal rock formation. You will get water blasted and almost die.

7. Barcelona + paella + sangria + hostel bar crawl = puking on a bar floor

8. Yes. Lagos does look like the pictures in person. Yes, you will party.

9. Ibiza is on a whole other planet.

10. Traveling without a phone is... an experience.

Copenhagen, Nyhavn

But now I am back in Florida. My post graduation fun is over and my plan to document my experiences along the way has failed miserably. But that doesn't mean I have no intention of writing every bit down still. I want to remember every triumph and every pitfall of this trip. And believe me, there are many.

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