I'm Going to Europe for New Years!

Yep. That's right. I'M GOING TO EUROPE FOR NEW YEARS! I honestly can hardly contain my excitement. I've never been to Europe and I can't wait for this new and crazy adventure. 



So... a got back from my last big Central America travel adventure all the way back in June 2016- soooooo long ago. It is now November and I'm about to blow my brains out. But, this is what happens when you're a poor college student who can only dream of far away lands. We must work ▷ save ▷ travel ▷ rinse ▷ repeat. And boy have I been working. The only reason why I came back from Central America is because 1) I was running out of money, and 2) I had a job opportunity waiting for me back at school. I worked full-time with Florida State's Flying High Circus Camp for the rest of summer (yes, I'm in a circus), and got another job as a server, working nights and weekends. Once summer ended, I kept my job serving and try and pick up as many shifts as I can. Tips baby.

Costa Rica Sunset

Costa Rica Sunset


YES! Sometimes I spend too much money on alcohol. And yes, I still buy way too many holiday candles, but I'm saving.

Why am I Traveling to Europe?

On my Central America trip, I made far more friends than I had ever hoped. I had no idea how easy it would be to meet so many wonderful like-minded people! In Costa Rica I worked alongside some other women who I consider to be near and dear friends now. Anna, who lives in Salzburg, Austria, invited myself and a couple other Costa Rica friends to go on a little trip to celebrate the New Year.

Playa Grande with Friends

Where are we going?

London ==▷ Amsterdam ==▷ Salzburg/Tyrol ==▷ Munich

We will explore London for a few days before flying to Amsterdam to ring in the New Year. After that we will be staying with Anna's family in Salzburg and Tyrol to do some skiing before moving on to my other good friend, Stephanie's, hometown of Munich.

But Erin, isn't traveling to Europe during the holidays ridiculously expensive?

Not if you buy your plane tickets early and find the best deals. I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights possible. I bought my flight to London back in September for only $258, and my flight back home from Munich was $330. ALSO, in London and Amsterdam we are staying in budget hostels, but in Austria and Munich we are staying for free with friends! My biggest money saving travel tip for people... is to just travel and make friends. AND THEN GO STAY WITH THEM!

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Here's to new adventures!

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