I've Decided To Worship The Sun

Without the sun there would be nothing. There would be no Earth, no giant entity holding our solar system together. You would not exist. I would not exist. None of this would be.

I've decided to worship the sun

The sun. Yea... it's up there. Shining down day by day. But when was the last time you took the time to just let it soak in. Let your skin breath it up. Is this an action reserved for long trips to Aruba, sipping coconuts by the sea? Or an aspect of daily life. I'm serving up this food for thought on our first Mindful Monday on the blog, because something happened to me not long ago that really made me see things in a new light...

About a week ago, I started getting really bad headaches. So I did what my mamma taught me and drank a ton of water (which typically works for me). I'm just dehydrated, right? I had this dull, constant headache right at the forefront of my head and I for the life of me, could not shake it. I made sure I was drinking plenty of water, watched my sugar levels, and hit the yoga mat more. Nothin was working. I didn't even feel sick. Just sort of drained and headachy. I was getting worried that I'd have to go see a doctor, which is terrifying when you are a post-grad drifter with no health insurance.

Finally I turned to my dad for some advice. And he asked me what seemed like the dumbest most obvious thing...

He asked me if I'd seen the sun lately.

Uhhh, what? I grew up on the florida coast on the beach. I know my sun. I love my sun! But you see, I do this thing where I go through periods of being a real homebody. I'm gone from home for months at a time traveling, and when I come back home to settle and make some cash, I'm a total hermit. I get very into my art and now that my job doesn't require me to leave the house, well... turns out I just was not leaving the house! Going outside. What a concept. I hadn't even though of it. I starting thinking about my past week. I think I'd been grocery shopping a couple times, but only at night.

So I grabbed my sketchbook, headed outside, and started walking. Just around my apartment complex. And this may sound really hokey, but I immediately began to feel better. My headache slowly began to subside and I could feel my funk shedding. I peeled it off as I walked along the tree-lined sidewalk of my apartment complex, letting the sun bath my face, my arms, my legs. I had forgotten how good the sun felt, and I didn't even realize I had been missing it!

The sun is our life source.

The sun is our life force. The reason we're all here. It gives us warmth, energy, light, life, Vitamin D, food, plants, oxygen, vitality, gravity, a center, possibilities, everything. So I've decided to worship the sun. No, not like as a solar deity where I pray to it every day and believe it is  a mediator between the planes of the living and the dead. But I have made a personal vow to dedicate 20 minutes a day to the sun.

Something so simple does so much. My headaches have not come back andI feel happier, and like my day has more stability and balance. 

Try it! If you're the type of person who locks themselves in their house with their online job and their crazy projects for a time, make some time every day to clean your soul and take a sun bath and revitalize your health!

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