Laguna de Apoyo: Nicaragua's Paradise

Laguna de Apoyo

I had just finished my time working at Treehouse Nicaragua, and was (for the first time in a while) completely on my own. So many friends and crazy nights turned into memory, and I was ready to take on the rest of Nicaragua. But that first evening back in Granada was a lonely one. I found a dorm bed in Hostal Mochilas and went to bed way too early, feeling sadness for the wonderful place and people I had left behind that day. 

The next morning, everything changed when I met two great girls from the UK, Hester and Billie, while eating breakfast. We coincidentally were all headed for Laguna de Apoyo that day! There are tons of touring companies you can book day trips to the Lagoon through from Granada. There are also places around the lagoon where you can stay the night. I managed to haggle down a day trip to a price of $15 which included a shuttle there and back and all-day entry into Laguna Beach Club.

We had a blast!

Laguna Beach Club
Laguna Beach Club drinks
Laguna de Apoyo
Yoga at Laguna de Apoyo
Lunch at Laguna Beach Club

Laguna Beach Club was a really great place to hang out during what felt like a vacation away from my vacation. It had a really nice cabana bar complete with food and kitties. They also had tubes, kayaks and paddle-boards you could use that are already included in your entry. 

Float, relax, eat, drink, play,  balance,sleep 


Nicaragua Cat
Laguna de Apoyo

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend spending at least a day in this beautiful lagoon!

Laguna de Apoyo
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