Lake Eden Arts Festival ❀ Fall 2015

Lake Eden Arts Festival Tents

What is LEAF?

You can find anything you want to know about LEAF at, but basically, their a non-profit organization that focuses on community, bringing together different cultures, and overall enriching lives through the arts. They have festivals, different events, and even arts education programs that go on all the time.

I fell back in love with life

Over the summer, my friend Rima got a little tipsy and started telling me all about this magical place she kept calling LEAF, where barefooted hippie babies flew around and puppets roamed the lakeside and everyone danced till the sun came up. We immediately agreed that we would visit this land as soon as possible. And when Fall 2015 tickets came on sail we went for it. And when I say went for it I mean I signed up to volunteer because I'm a broke baby. Only a few hours of helping out each day in exchange for a ticket and camping... AWESOME.

Everyone was so nice and just feelin' the good vibes all around. So many happy families and faces and wonderful people to meet everywhere you turned, and there was so much to do! Music from all over the world, contra dancing, parades, puppet shows, delicious food trucks (vegan options too), beautiful art vendors, poetry slams, performances, drum circles, fiddle contests, yoga dance parties, the list goes on.  The camping was crazy fun too, even though I thought I was going to freeze my ass off at night! (Florida baby problems) 

In progress Mural

 I felt like I was on an alien planet far away from the college town where I currently spend my days at. So many dreadlocks and so many bare feet. And I had forgotten how long it had been since I'd seen mountains! I grew up in FL, so mountains are still kind of a big deal for me. 

Crazy Neon parade

This experience also reminded me how important it is to just get out there and try different things. Go someplace new and just let your worries go for a while. Being at LEAF with so many like minded and ambitious people was so refreshing and opened my eyes up more to how I want to live and experience my life. It brought me back to what is important; making memories, experiencing life to the fullest, and surrounding yourself with people who make you happy.

▲ My food-truck. Almost all vegan options!▲


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