Totally Groovy Acro Yoga ❀

Group acro yoga at Lake Eden Arts Festival

During my time at LEAF I got to participate in some really great AcroYoga that was going on all over the place! My friend Rima and her friend Ian decided to get some going in some open grass, and before we knew it there were some other couples that had come to join the fun!

Don't know what AcroYoga is? AcroYoga is.. well... the combining of acrobatics and yoga! You may look at photos and think you'd never in a million years be able to do some of these poses, but it's so not true! Some moves are harder than others, but I saw our friend Ian put some near beginners in some awesome poses at LEAF. And I've realized that it's about the transitions from pose to pose that is really beautiful and healing when it comes to AcroYoga. You can't see it in these photos, but how you get from one pose to another has to be so controlled and all about the partnership.

Acro yoga in the grass. Sun shining down. Music in the air!